Laser Lighting

(1)IR Laser Lighting
Apply to:
  Chief Infra-red night consider lighting,Infrared ray photograph, Infrared ray lighting,
  Excel in infra-red night consider lighting sum, Disturbance soldier night observe apparatus,
 Night rescue open country, Night military detect, Night safety defence observation

Technology number targets :

Size :  Ф 1.2X15 cm

Weight : 20g

Material :  copper

Irradiation distance : 0.01-300 metre

Battery :AAA battery 2 sections

Battery uses time :3-5 hour

Emission spectrum :980nm

(2) KPT IR Laser Pen for Health-Care Acupuncture Physiotherapy
1.      Acupuncture
Acupuncture is a traditional physical therapy in herbalist doctor theory, it can inject energy, excitated the body self-adjustment via acupuncture point and meridian system, balance yin and yang, dredge viscera. The results show that, acupuncture can do good effect for human immune function, blood circulatory system, respiratory system, digestive system, neuroendocrinology system.
2. Laser acupuncture
Laser acupuncture, also called acupuncture point irradiation, laser needle, light needle, light acupuncture, etc, it is basis of laser energy, stimulate acupuncture point exterior or interior directly through low power laser point. This method joins contemporary science and traditional acupuncture.
It has many features:
1) no pain: low power laser, gently and tiny.
2) asepsis: only act on body surface, meanwhile
3)no harm: laser only irradiate acupuncture point, no harm for skin. On the contrary, it can cure the damaged skin, promote the skin recover.
4) easily for operation and carrying.
5) populare in treatment
3. Infrared Laser
Infrared laser light is the wavelength in scope of 0.76-400 micronmeter, it is invisible. Modern Physical call it as thermal ray. Medical infrared ray have two kinds: near-infrared and far-infrared, our health-care infrared is near-infrared.
Near-infrared is shortwave infrared, the wavelength 0.76-1.5 mecronmeter, it can penetrate into the skin about 5-10mm; far-infrared is longwave infrared, the wavelength 1.5-400 mecronmenter, only penetrate 2mm in the skin.
4. Physiological Function and Treatment Function of Infrerad
1) Body reverberation and absorption: when infrared irradiates the skin, part of infrared is reverberated by skin, another part of infrared is absorbed. The reverberation correlates with the skin pigmentation. When irradiate by near-infrared, no pigmented skin can reverberate 60% infrared energy; the pigmented skin can reverberate 40%. Most of long-infrared are absorbed and reverberated; shortwave infrared can penetrate 10mm below skin surface and act on blood vessel, lymphatic, nerve ending and other subcutaneous tissue directly.
2) The treatment of infrared: When infrared irradiate the acupuncture point, it can effectively distend capillary, accelerate the blood flow, enhance material metabolism and histocyte regeneration. When infrared cure the chronic inflammation, improve blood circulation, enhance the ability of cell phagocytosis, eliminate tumefaction and inflammation. Infrared can reduce the excitability of nervous system, so it can acesodyne, eliminate muscle spasm, also it have effect for lost-weight, cosmetic, espacially for middle and old perple’s health care.
3) The method is basis of infrared technology, core on semiconductor laser, apply herbalist doctor acupuncture medicine principle. It can act on acupuncture point, through infrared laser energy, even do not touch the people’s skin, so it can avoid traumatic infection.
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