Glowing glasses
The light source of glasses is EL wire,they are handmade.The product is delicate, beautiful, energy-saving, environmental protection and safety.
Application Field:Bar,KTV,Birthday party,Festival celebration, company activity, etc..
The lifetime of el wire :3000~5000h.
Accessory:Inverter DG2-3-T,using 2*AA batteries,Steady on/off/flash.


2.DIY Glow Toys Magic Neon Wire  
The product is the full set of continuous colorful electroluminescent wire (EL wire), no heat radiation, energy-saving,
environmentally friendly and safe. To be made into any solid shape or flat design by hand without using any fixity,
glue or fixed surface, the finished shape will not recover with flexibility, and can be bent repeatedly.
Application Fields: DIY light toy, Christmas lighting decoration, Intelligence lighting toy, Arts and crafts decoration, 
outdoor safety sign, flash words and 
pictures, vehicle decoration. 

3.Glow silk  flower    

Luminescent silk flower is made by hand, the materials are colorful Electroluminescent wire, silk cloth, metal frame, etc.
The EL silk flower can be applied in performance, festival, house decoration, flash gift. The lifetime is 2,000 hours .
Use DC3V,two AA batteries continuous work 15-30 hours,can power 1-2 PCS flowers working.Use DC12V,
eight AA batteries continuous work 100 hours,can power 5-30 PCS flowers working,can be used in car.AC220V can work continuously.


4.Lighting Outdoor Umbrella 

Application Fields:

   sand beach, Bar, Street corner sales promotion Advertisement,Garden and field tour etc. The luminous ray product illumination is gentle, suits the humanity at night visual observation, the apparent distance is 100 meters.
    Use Flexible neon wire (Electroluminescence wire) , can be conveniently use or open and collect like common umbrella.It give rich and colorful color ,can flash dynamic.It also may make the character pattern(Order-make) light; It is environment  
protect,safety,originality and can be used at will .
How To Use:
    For field luminescence ,use DC12V (8kts 1.5V AA batteries),can continue light for 4 hours. Simultaneity also can use AC 220V electrical power transformer ,can be use for a long time.


5.EL Wire for Dress Fabric
EL wire performance costume is widely applied in stage performance, mask ball and plot props. Use: paste, sewing, nail outfit.
    φ0.8mm,2.0mm,4.0mm and 5.0mm.
    Type:Ordinary type, professional type and with welt type.
    Color:7 colors.
    Control flashing: Manual.
Driver and power:
    3V driver for driving within 2meters ,working 10hs.                 
    12V driver(driver+battery box 8pcs AA) for driving from 10 to 50 meters ,working hour: 2-10hs.


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